Tanning Equipment  in the United Kingdom  has to conform to the  EU regulations

The regulation covers the whole of Europe ( EN number 60335-2-27 ) Initially all new sunbeds installed from April 1st 2009 were to comply to the new output limit of 0.3W/m2 erythemally weighted ( the burning rays).

No dates were set for older equipment to comply. A recommendation was put forward that all equipment should eventually comply and there was some confusion as to the situation for a number of years, however the regulating authority has since cleared this up by stated that all equipment used in any commercial application must now be limited to the 0.3 standard. They are sighting the “General Product Safety Regulations 2005” that all electrical equipment must be “Safe”.

If  tanning equipment offered is not 0.3 compliant then ( by using the above ) it could be define as “unsafe” and therefore will need to comply to the new output limits by changing your lamps to the new 0.3 lamps. 

The output of tanning equipment will be comparable to a natural mid-day Mediterranean sun so the new generation of tanning lamps used will provide a higher UVA content ( tanning ray ).  Which will result in tanning customers getting a deeper longer lasting tan that will be safer and gentler to the skin.

The new "0.3" lamps allow customers to use equipment for longer sessions, resulting in a longer lasting and deeper tan.

    Summary Facts :  

   Tanning effect will be equal to a Mediterranean mid-day sun

   Deeper and longer lasting tan

   Any burning effect is almost eliminated

   Sunbeds will be Safer to use and better for your health

   More customer potential and confidence in tanning

For this purpose, Epcot have produced the 

"0.3 Sunshine Lamp" to meet the new standards in a choice of colours : Standard Blue + Duo ( blue/pink ) and Tri ( pink/blue/pink )  click for information

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