Epcot is a Leading Manufacturers of Indoor Tanning Equipment in the United Kingdom

In 1978, one of the first sunbeds was made in the UK by the managing director of Epcot Leisure. A company was formed a year later to make sunbeds for homes in the North of England.  Very soon after, the " Epcot brand” of high powered lamps were designed and produced. These were, long life and very competitively priced.

By 1986 the company producing an average of 100 sunbeds a week. 5,000 sunbeds a year were sold for home use either directly to the homeowner or to trade customers nationally who in turn sold them through department stores and showrooms.

In 1994, Epcot Leisure produced their first “stand-up” tanning booth and immediately gained national recognition for their design, construction and performance.

by 2014, Epcot continues to manufacture and supply equipment and lamps for trade customers nationally and a major UK distributor of brand named tanning products including the new European 0.3 specification lamps, parts, lotions and eye wear.

Features : Whether you are a hair or beauty salon, gymnasium, hotel, leisure centre or a dedicated tanning salon, Epcot can help you turn even the smallest space into one of the most profitable areas of your business. Epcot offers an unbeatable package of great benefits:

Highest quality : Epcot’s aim is to supply the highest quality of product and back-up service. Epcot tanning products are ‘high performing’, very competitively priced and extremely economical to run and maintain.

Great choice : Epcot manufacture a range of Stand-up Tanning Booths in a variety of finishes and specifications. These are designed to fit into a variety of indoor areas, are virtually maintenance free and are easy and quick to clean!

Unbeatable value : Epcot offers equipment and finance whatever your budget. Epcot has both the equipment and the package to suit every business requirement!

Easy in, easy out : Epcot offer a number of extremely simple and easy finance options such as ‘profit share’ and ‘lease rental’, which allow a return policy on the equipment with no penalties.

Top performance : All our units deliver top tanning performance. Lamp wattage, ultra violet content, reflection, cooling, power of the control equipment and internal quality of parts are all considered in the design to provide reduced tanning times and fully satisfied customers.

Expert back-up : For complete peace of mind Epcot provide a customer service package that includes advice, promotional support, trade counter and a national installation and maintenance service.

Making sun tanning equipment for

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Tel : 01325 366 666

Email : sales@epcotleisure.com

About Epcot

Epcot Leisure Ltd. Unit 24, Edward Street, Darlington, Co. Durham DL1 2UP

Tel :  01325 366 666         email :   sales@epcotleisure.com

Epcot is one of the largest and longest established manufacturers of Sunbeds and commercial tanning equipment in the United Kingdom. Epcot customers profit from this experience and knowledge, accumulated since 1979.