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A 50 x ultra violet lamp tanning booth

The Epcot Carousel tanning booth is constructed from double sided melamine faced board.  A large range of colours are available (see below) 

Available with or without a dressing area


The Carousel is available in a vast range of colours. Here are some of examples

Tel : 01325 366 666

Email : sales@epcotleisure.com

Tanning Booths

All Epcot tanning booths benefit from  over 35 years of manufacturing experience. High quality design and expert construction combine to produce both outstanding tanning performance for your customers and enhanced profitability for you.

Changing Facility - Spacious dressing area, complete with vanity mirror, shelves, coat hooks and light fittings are standard.

Tanning Power - Booths are produced with a highly reflective aluminium capsule containing 50 lamps for which a range of single and dual colour options are available. Tanning session times start from 3 minutes depending on customer skin type.

Compact Design - Designed to fit into even the smallest indoor area, our tanning booths start from only 1.2 square metres or 2.4 square metres with the dressing area included.

Cooling - Fitted with a powerful 4500 CFM, 6 bladed 16 inch roof fan to push air through the booth and out through the lower air outlets. This provides air movement to control the equipment temperature and keeps your customers refreshed.

Control Panel - Fitted with an electronic control panel and token meter LED display to show time remaining and an emergency stop button for customer safety. A fuse system is set in the main panel for ease of maintenance with a 10% ‘capacitor discharge system’ to reduce electricity consumption and a dual electronic relay system for silent running, instant start and efficiency.

Easy Maintenance - Hard wearing units that are virtually maintenance free. Easy to clean walls and floors. Outer panels that can be changed to upgrade the future appearance or colour

Available on Profit Share or Lease Rent

Available on Profit Share or Lease Rent from  £ 15 per week

Epcot Leisure Ltd. Unit 24, Edward Street, Darlington, Co. Durham DL1 2UP

Tel :  01325 366 666         email :   sales@epcotleisure.com

The Carousel