Tanning Lamps

"0.3" Lamps must be fitted for use in all Commercial Tanning equipment / click here for information 

Epcot has three lamps that are "0.3" approved and are designed to fit into most commercial Stand-up Tanning Booths and Lay-down Sunbeds available in the United Kingdom 

These lamps are available in 6ft ( 200R / 176cm ) with a power range of 160 watt to 200 max and a 2 metre ( 240R / 200cm ) with a power range of 180 watts to 240 max in a choice of Single, dual and tri colour tanning lamps. All with built-in reflector 

0.3 Standard Blue

6ft / 200R (176cm) and 2 metre 240R (200cm)

0.3 Duo blue/pink

6ft / 200R (176cm) and 2 metre 240R (200cm)

0.3 Tri colour, pink/blue/pink 6ft / 200R (176cm) and 2 metre 240R (200cm)

Lamps for 85 /100 watt ballast

 Service life of up to 600 hours*

* on suitable running conditions

Sunshine ( blue )

100 watt (6ft) 

UVB = 1.0%

UK distributor for   


0.3 W/m2 lamps also available

Delivery, Fitting and Lamp disposal service available **

**Lamps must be disposed of in accord to the waste disposal act ( weee ) Click here for further information.  

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