There are three ways to obtain Epcot equipment

Buy outright, Lease Rental or Profit Share 

The Epcot Lease Rental allows you to pay for the equipment over 36 months

and have the ‘easy out’ option of returning the goods without any penalty 

Your first monthly payment along with a fee for delivery and installation is all that is required.

Depending on the equipment, Rent prices starts from £15 + vat per week for a 50 lamp booth. 

36 payments are made calendar monthly by standing order.

No time restriction. Easy out option to return the goods without any penalty.

Once payments are complete, goods ownership is transferred for one more payment of the same value. 

Our warranty lasts the full 36 months. ( Not wear and tear, Lamps or starters )

You can charge whatever retail price you choose for your customers for tanning sessions.

The main advantage of the Epcot Profit Share is that you only pay for what you use

One-off payment to cover delivery and installation.

Income share between yourself and Epcot ...... Pay for what you use.

All maintenance and tube changes are carried out by Epcot at the manufacturer’s recommended times.

Further details on Rent to buy or Profit share on request

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